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Keystone | Keystone Inc

Welcome to Keystone

We are Keystone Inc. Established in June 2011 and having our registered office at Mysore, Karnataka. Keystone was conceived with a single objective of being exactly what we call it – a keystone to reinforce the value chain between manufacturers and end-users..

Keystone strives to be a technical, problem solving partner specializing in assembly fluids and associated equipments. We serve a variety of industries including: electronics, aerospace, transportation, solar, oil & gas and OEM manufacturers.By associating with only quality manufacturers, we are able to provide the technical expertise in materials and equipments that our clients require. Our representatives are trained by the manufacturers with hands on experience and work with our clients extensively to deliver as per their specific requirement.

Partners & Products

Our Clients

Value Engineering

Performance coating
Anti-friction coating are lifetime lubricating and corrosion preventive coatings. Keystone offers contract services to customers using anti-friction coating on their products. The in-house facility includes surface pre-treatment, dip spin coating process and associated quality checks.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance programs are provided for dispensing systems offered by Keystone.

Equipments Division

In association with Graco Inc, Techon Systems and Viscotec, we offer both stand alone products or combined solutions to deliver based on customer’s specific requirement.


The services offered by their team complements the quality of products offered and is well appreciated by our teams. They have extended their support from initial stages to understand our specific requirement and offering appropriate solutions for our needs including after sales support. – Yazaki India Ltd


Keystone Inc is a supplier to our organization since August 2013 by supplying us sealant mixing machine, I am writing to recommend their services with supply of machinery from reputed manufacturers to suit and confirm our specific quality requirement at competitive pricing.- Aerostructure Assemblies India Pvt Ltd.