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Techcon Systems, UK | Keystone

Techcon Systems, a brand of OK International, UK

OK International Inc., (OK) traces its roots back to 1946, when it specialized in precision machining of metal parts.

OK International is a leading global supplier of soldering tools and equipment for production assembly. The product range includes bench top soldering and desoldering tools, array package rework equipment, fluid dispensing systems and accessories, and fume extraction systems. Through a global sales channel, OK International provides expert product support and responsive customer service, with localization to meet regional market needs.

OK International’s fluid dispensing line of products offers a wide array of fluid dispensing devices & products and provides dispensing components & fluid dispensing equipment ranging from disposable accessories to complete microprocessor controlled fluid dispensing systems. The systems are developed to incorporate innovative designs, professional performance and ease of use, all within the customer’s budget.

The benchtop dispensing components are silicone free, feature precise control and are designed to work with industry standard equipment. And, they are dependable for both time-pressure and manual

Keystone is the authorised channel partner of OK International in INDIA for their Techcon Systems range of fluid dispensing line of products.