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Viscotec microdispensing solutions | Keystone

All dosing pumps, precision volume dosing devices, dispensers, mixers, dosing systems or delivery machines are based on the endless piston principle and are used above all with adhesives, paints, soldering pastes and sealants, but also with cosmetics such as mascara and Vaseline, or in the food industry for filling sauces..

All media, which in certain cases can have a viscosity of up to 7,000,000 mPas, are conveyed and dosed practically free of pulsation and with an extremely low shear force. You will receive comprehensive advice for every application and extensive tests will be carried out for particularly complex challenges. Our dosing pumps and dosing systems are optimally adjusted to the application case in question, providing the best possible options for cleaning them in food applications, for example.

Our technology focuses on dosing, applying, filling, mixing or processing (degassing or barrel emptying, for example) a wide range of different products. Our core competence really comes to the fore with liquids or pastes which are high-viscosity, solids-laden, abrasive and sensitive to shear.